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Kaodim Vendor final payout process improvement

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We are introducing an automated feature that will declare the final payout amount to the vendor up front through the Kaodim Vendor app and website. The aim is to provide transparency to the vendor and ease the pressure on the Finance team while eliminating financial risks arising from a ‌manual payout process.

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Design process

I worked with a project manager, team of developers and QA to create the user interface and experience design for this feature.

During the process, I actively get feedback from the team about the designs using Overflow to ensure we are aligned with the requirements and our solution is clearly focused on the user story. This makes us think of things we didn’t previously consider and improves the solution we provide for our users. Below is one of the Overflow screens for preview purposes.

Once the design is ready, we validate the design and gather some information from the vendors about their understanding of the new feature.

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Transaction history

Redesign Transaction history

Prior to this, the vendor could only track the payments received from the customers in Transaction History. We’ve improved and changed it to Transaction & Settlement. The new interface displays Transaction History and Invoices sections to give vendors more insights and payment details of each job delivered.

Transaction details

Provide transparency of settlement

To provide transparency for the payout of each job delivered, we redesigned the Transaction details screen to include 2 sections - Receipt & Settlement. The settlement will be available to the vendors when a job is completed.

Invoice payment

Support online payment for invoices

In the past, the invoices and settlements were calculated manually, with PDF statements being sent to the vendors at the end of the month. The new feature supports viewing of the invoices within the Kaodim Vendor app, as well as online payment for invoices within the app.

Dispute invoice

Dispute invoice online

If the vendor finds any issue with the invoices from the Kaodim Vendor app, they can directly dispute any item on the invoice within a given time frame from the app. The finance team will approve or reject the dispute and issue new invoices.


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